Courtney Farrow is a woman other women despise. She will steal your husband or lover and wash her hands in your tears. Her special victim is Betsy Ross. Ever since Courtney bought insurance from Betsy then inserted herself into Betsy' s circle of friends, Courtney has made it her mission to seduce every guy in Betsy's life. So when Courtney turns up fried to a crisp, after an ugly confrontation with Betsy at a party, Betsy becomes the prime suspect.

So begins Betsy's life as an amateur sleuth in A Clause for Murder, where in order to save herself, she must discover who killed Courtney Farrow, a woman who made both men and women pay for her favors. A woman who inspired murderous intentions in anyone who got close to her.

In Night Glitter, Jill Shure's long-awaited sequel to her Ben Franklin Award-winning novel, Night Jazz, the story of Jeri Devlin continues. It's 1932. The Great Depression has left Jeri and Lex bankrupt and Lex fighting for his life against a deadly illness. While Lex convalesces, Jeri becomes embroiled in a murderous game of cat-and-mouse with two mobsters hell-bent on revenge. Alone and desperate, Jeri is forced to flee New York and travel west to the dazzling world of Hollywood. Jeri soon discovers that Hollywood's glamour cloaks a soul-stealing darkness hidden just below its glossy surface. There, Jeri comes face to face with her ancestors, finds sanctuary in a brothel, and is forced into servitude with a movie star diva intent on hiding ruinous secrets of her own. Alone and conflicted, Jeri must find a way back into the arms of the man she loves.

Pink Ladies and Black Velvets wet the whistles of guys and dolls in smoky underground speakeasies and elegant hubs like the Casino in Central Park, where anything goes. But in October 1929, two events are about to collide: The arrival of Jeri Devlin and the stock market crash. In Night Jazz, the mysterious disappearance of her brother sends successful ad executive, Jeri Devlin, to New York to find him. During her first night in the Big Apple, a strange event transports Jeri back seventy years to a magical time when the black cloud of the Great Depression was just beginning to descend over America. Forced to adapt to her new world until she can discover a way back to her own time, Jeri is led into the passionate arms of a mysterious and handsome gangster, and to the happiness she has always longed for.

Travel back to a time when bootleg whiskey and bathtub gin flowed freely in smoky underground speakeasies that catered to guys and their dolls. Borrowed from Jill Shure's Ben Franklin Award-winning novel Night Jazz and its sequel Night Glitter, these drink recipes capture the romance, innocence, and breathtaking upheaval of the late 1920s and early 1930s in America. Join Jeri Devlin and a whole cast of unforgettable characters as you experience heavenly cocktails from a bygone era. These luscious cocktail recipes are one part liquid history, one part romance, with a splash of the divine.

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